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The Monson Plot

The Monson family plot

The Monson family plot in St. Augustine’s Evergreen Cemetery.

The three stones shown in this photo mark the graves of Anthony Vincent Monson (1855-1915), his two wives and his daughter. Monson would become the proprietor of the Monson House hotel in his later years. Buried with him is his second wife, Florence Young (1866-1920). Their daughter, Winifred (1892-1902) is buried in the grave marked with the curved-top stone. His first wife, Mary, died in 1899 and is buried behind and between the other two markers.

Evelyn Marie Hamblen

Evelyn Marie Hamblen

Evelyn Marie Hamblen

Evergreen Cemetery

Born in Maine – 1874
Died in St. Augustine – 18 Sep 1943

Miss Hamblen served the St. Augustine community for decades, first as a teacher and assistant principal at the original St. Augustine High School and later on the school board. She became the first woman to chair the school board and as such was the first woman in St. Johns County to be elected to a public office.

In 1957 the West Augustine Elementary School was renamed Evelyn Hamblen School in her honor. Today Evelyn Hamblen Center still serves the community.

Miss Ellender L. Alden

Miss Alden

Miss Ellender Alden.

Ellender Alden, fondly known as Miss Alden to generations of St. Johns County students, was born on January 3, 1899 in St. Augustine. The daughter of Edmund A. and Lona B. Alden, she lived her entire life in the same house at 99 Orange Street. Her father was a locomotive engineer for the Florida East Coast Railway while her mother kept house. She had a younger brother, Charles, who died in 1930.

Miss Alden spent more than 40 years teaching in St. Augustine. She loved football players, memory work and Robert E. Lee. We did not know it then, but 1969 – my senior year – would be her last. Thanks to Miss Alden, many of us can still recite Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Mark Anthony’s funeral speech from Julius Caesar and other classics. She retired in 1969 and died the next January. She may be gone, but her spirit lives on in the memories of the many students who’s lives she touched.

Miss Alden is buried with her parents and brother in a family plot at Evergreen Cemetery.

Miss Alden’s grave at Evergreen Cemetery.

Randolph Caldecott

Randolph Caldecott grave.  Photo by author archived at Flickr.

Randolph Caldecott grave. Photo by author archived at Flickr.

Randolph Caldecott (22 March 1846 – 12 February 1886) was a British artist renowned for his illustrations in childrens books. A medal presented each year by the Association for Library Service to Children is named for him.

While on tour in the US, he took ill here in St. Augustine where he died. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

The plaque at the foot of his grave contains this inscription:

Friends of Libraries U.S.A.
Library Landmarks Register
Evergreen Cemetery St. Augustine, Florida
The Caldecott Medal, commissioned in 1938, was named
in honor of English illustrator, artist, and sculptor
Randolph Caldecott. It is awarded annually by the
Association for Library Service to Children,
American Library Association, to the artist of the
“most distinguished” American picture book for children
published during the preceeding year. As a tribute to his
life and art, this burial site is designate a
Literary Landmark by Friends of Libraries U.S.A.
Friends of the Library of St. Johns County, Inc.
Randolph Caldecott Society of America
March 20, 2005

Emilie J. E. – wife of R. B. Hunt

I found Emilie in Evergreen Cemetery. So far, I haven’t found R. B. yet. Why am I interested? I went to school at R. B. Hunt Elementary School.

It’s a lovely monument, but Emilie seems to be here all alone. There’s more to learn about this couple – another item added to my todo list for my next trip to the historical society library.