Joseph L. Colee

Mission of Nombre de Dios, St. Augustine, Florida

Infant of J.B. & D.F. COLEE
Born July 15, 1888
Died Oct. 21, 1888

A light from our household is gone.
A voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant in our heart
That never can be filled.

Mission of Nombre de Dios


Henry Good

St. Augustine National Cemetery

to the memory of
Clara, Kings Co.
at St. Augustine, Fla.
May 14th, 1877
Aged 33 years.
May he rest in peace. Amen.
This stone is erected as a
tribute of respect by his
comrades of
Battery K, 5th Artillery.

St. Augustine National Cemetery

Evelyn Marie Hamblen

Evelyn Marie Hamblen

Evelyn Marie Hamblen

Evergreen Cemetery

Born in Maine – 1874
Died in St. Augustine – 18 Sep 1943

Miss Hamblen served the St. Augustine community for decades, first as a teacher and assistant principal at the original St. Augustine High School and later on the school board. She became the first woman to chair the school board and as such was the first woman in St. Johns County to be elected to a public office.

In 1957 the West Augustine Elementary School was renamed Evelyn Hamblen School in her honor. Today Evelyn Hamblen Center still serves the community.

Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery

I was watching Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil last night and this morning I stumbled on John Muir’s A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf. In both books Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery figure prominently. It must be a sign. I found this passage which, to me, perfectly describes why Bonaventure draws so much attention. From┬áJohn Muir:

Bonaventure is called a graveyard, a town of the dead, but the few graves are powerless in such a depth of life. The rippling of living waters, the song of birds, the joyous confidence of flowers, the calm, undisturbable grandeur of the oaks, mark this place of graves as one of the Lord’s most favored abodes of life and light.

Like many family historians, I’m fascinated by cemeteries. We have several beautiful ones here in St. Augustine, but even with the many photos taken and books written about Bonaventure, it’s almost impossible to describe its beauty. John Muir came very close. See for yourself.