British Cemetery at Fort King George

British Cemetery

British cemetery at Fort King George. Photo from the author’s collection at Flickr.

On higher ground just west of Fort King George in Darien, Georgia, you’ll find 15 gravestones and one large monument. This marks the spot of one of the oldest British cemeteries in the southeastern United States. There are 65 graves here. Each of the gravestones has the same inscription:


Cemetery monument

Monument to the unknown dead at Fort King George. Photo from the author’s collection at Flickr.

This large monument and the 15 gravestones were erected by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Division of State Parks, Historic Sites and Monuments. The monument bears the following inscription:

To the soldiers of Fort King George
who gave their lives in the defense of
the southern English frontier in
America during the occupation of
this little outpost from 1721 to 1727
and were buried on this bluff. Fort
King George, built on the low
ground 200 yards east of here, was
the first English settlement in the
land which is now Georgia. More than
140 British soldiers lost their lives
in this first planned effort to hold
the old southeast for English
speaking people.

Visit the Georgia State Parks site for Fort King George to learn more about this fascinating place.


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