Morning in the Garden of Good and Evil

This is neither a tombstone nor a local cemetery, but an absolutely gorgeous photo showing yet another reason why Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery gets so much attention.  The original photo is one of thousands of cemetery photos found at Flickr.  This photo was taken by user drspam who doesn’t appear to have an interest in cemeteries except for their beauty.  That doesn’t matter because those of us who are fascinated with graveyards also get to enjoy his efforts.

There are many taphophiles sharing photos at Flickr along with those who photograph them for their beauty.  We can take advantage of all of them to support our research.  You’ll find dozens of groups – including Cities of the Dead and Southern Cemeteries – containing both artistic views and documentation views of their subjects.  Try a bit of exploring and see what you can find.  You may be pleasantly surprised.


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