Confederates at Tolomato

Tolomato Cemetery, St. Augustine, FL

Although St. Augustine’s Tolomato Cemetery was shut down more than 100 years ago, visitors will notice several gravestones that look remarkably new. Closer inspection will show that each marks the grave of a Confederate Soldier. These markers actually are recent additions thanks to the efforts of Col. John Masters of the Sons of the Confederacy. There are 11 markers at Tolomato including:

  • Second Lieutenant Alonzo A. Bravo
  • Private Theodore F. Bridier
  • Second Lieutenant Charles D. Segui
  • Private Antonio F. Ponce
  • Private Bartolo A. Ponce
  • Sergeant Bartolo Ponce
  • Sergeant Raymond B. Canova
  • First Lieutenant James G. Pellicer
  • Private Peter Antonio Triay
  • Private Michael Neligan
  • Corporal Christoval M. Bravo

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