Herbert E. Wolfe

On the banks of the pond that meanders across St. Augustine’s Evergreen Cemetery, stands this impressive monument with two simple markers on the ground in front of it.  This monument marks the graves of Herbert E. Wolfe [b. 3 November 1897 d. 3 March 1981] and his wife, Virgie Parrish Wolfe [b. 29 November 1897 d. 6 December 1997].

Born near Nashville, Tennessee, he came to St. Johns County about 1917 where he quickly became an important community leader.  He owned a construction company which built projects all over the southeastern United States.  In 1934 he started the Exchange Bank of St. Augustine and later created the Exchange Bank of Hastings and the Exchange Bank of Palatka.  He was a farmer, cattleman and civic leader, serving as both city commissioner and later mayor of St. Augustine.  Virgie was also involved in many local civic groups.


2 thoughts on “Herbert E. Wolfe

  1. Kevin Wolfe

    Herbert Wolfe was my great uncle. While I never had the privelige of meeting him, I take great honor in being his great nephew. I have heard great things about him all my life. I am very proud of him.


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