Jacksonville National Cemetery Opens Today

This morning, the first funerals were held in the newest National Cemetery located in Jacksonville, Florida.  I spoke with the program manager for the Florida National Guard’s Military Funeral Honors Program this morning who told me they were part of eight consecutive funerals held to celebrate this area’s first active military cemetery in many years.

Prior to this opening, the closest active National Cemetery has been in Bushnell – between Ocala and Tampa on the west side of the state.


4 thoughts on “Jacksonville National Cemetery Opens Today

  1. Tina Capps

    My husband and I rode to see the new National Cemetary in Jacksonville. My husband is a retired Navy Chief , and served in the Navy as a Seebee. We live in Nassau County just a few miles from the National Cemetary, and I am so proud to have this on the Northside of Jacksonville. I was raised in The Norwood area and moved to Nassau County 25 years ago. Kudos to those people who were involved in the plans for this, I appreciate the dedicated resolve to make this happen. My hats are off to you.

  2. moultriecreek

    I look forward to getting out there myself. It’s about time we had an active National Cemetery in the area. Bushnell is just too far away.

    Thank you for stopping by Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek. I hope you’ll visit regularly.


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