Christmas Presents, Research Aids and Memberships

Thanks to the generosity of my family and some after Christmas discounts, there are several graveyard reference books making their way to the Creek. I’m especially looking forward to Historic Gravestone Art of Charleston, South Carolina 1695 to 1802 by David R. Mould. In addition to having ancestors who lived in Charleston, my research as a Graveyard Rabbit has shown that many stones in our local Huguenot Cemetery came from Charleston. The reviews of this book stated that it discussed the stone carvers – an area I find most fascinating.

Thanks to the magic of Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, my searches found an impressive collection of research material. My initial purchases are just a start. There are all kinds of fascinating titles I’d like to read. I’m adding links to WorldCat items in the Graveyard Rabbits group at Diigo [tagged “reference”] and have created a Graveyard Rabbits section in my Moultrie Creek Outfitters store – click the Outfitters link in the top menu. For those who aren’t aware, I’m an Amazon affiliate to help support my blogging habit.

Several of the books on my wish list are published by the Association of Gravestone Studies. After taking a look at the association’s benefits and publications, I’ve become a member.


One thought on “Christmas Presents, Research Aids and Memberships

  1. Diane

    I agree with you, nice to know others want cemetery books..and in my case, cemetery postcards. I don’t think they believe me that that is what I WANT.
    I am so glad you got a few that you can sit in your chair and read! Enjoy


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