Graveyard Photos at Flickr

I’m collecting all the graveyard photos I’ve been taking into a public set at Flickr. Although I’m not trying to document every gravestone in the area, I am trying to provide views of the individual cemeteries and some of the unique and/or famous monuments.

cemetery set at Flickr

One of the reasons Flickr is such a good resource for family researchers is its tagging and commenting features. Anyone can add comments to a photo. It is my hope that these photos will attract visitors who will help document the history of our local graveyards and their residents. Please feel free to add any comments or tags to any of the photos in this collection. You’ll find this collection at St. Augustine Cemeteries at Flickr. Stop by regularly because the collection will continue to grow.


5 thoughts on “Graveyard Photos at Flickr

  1. johan

    How did you get that Flickr page to pop up on your blog like that? I’ve got 600 cemeteries on Flickr (DeadManTalking). Love to be able to put whole page on my blog.


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