Calling All Rabbits

We are quickly seeing how dedicated our Graveyard Rabbits are to cemetery research. The Association bloggers are generating an impressive collection of research resources for the genealogy community. We can expand our reach by posting our resources at WeRelate, the genealogy research and collaboration site.

In addition to providing a platform to document your family history and collaborate with research cousins, WeRelate is also building an encyclopedia of research guides. Here you’ll find research guides for specific places, ethnic groups, military units and anything else that will help a genealogy researcher. Many place pages already exist just waiting for folks to post useful research information. On the St. Augustine place page, I’ve added a section specifically for cemetery information. Naturally, the first resource I listed was the Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek. As my research of local cemeteries expands, I’ll add links to resources – like cemetery inventories – and other useful information.

I’ve even created a new place page for the St. Augustine National Cemetery and I’m considering including additional pages for other cemeteries. Adding research sources isn’t difficult. In many cases, I’m just copy/pasting references I’ve already collected from my blog posts.

Is it worth the effort? It is to me. I believe WeRelate is an awesome resource and I want to help make it even more useful. There’s a bit of selfish motive involved too. By including links to my GYR site I’m expanding my blog’s visibility and by linking to WeRelate I’m giving them some promotion too. This could generate more visitors to both sites – which is a good thing for everyone involved.

Don’t know much about WeRelate? Here’s a collection of articles to get you started. The folks at WeRelate have created a series of video tutorials that will get you up and running in no time. While you’re there, check out what’s already there for the people and places you’re researching. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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